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Those of us who live and work in Youngstown, Ohio, have seen our share of Mahoning County's most famous and beloved characters. Most consider it to be part of the city's history, or at least one of its most popular and successful.

For those who need a break from work or school, Youngstown offers a wide range of parks, trails and recreational opportunities for all ages and abilities. Mill Creek Park, which covers 2,658 acres, is the largest in the MetroParks area and offers over 1,000 miles of walking and driving trails. It covers a total of 1.5 million square feet of parking space and is a large area for Metro parks.

One of the healthiest activities in Youngstown is to leave the car behind to walk, ride a bike, and skate. As part of the Ohio Lake and River Greenway, this piece of paradise makes running, hiking and biking all the more enjoyable.

Take a look around the Youngstown area and you'll find many great shops, restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants to visit. Don't forget to tell us your favorite things on our list and make sure you do all the things we have done for you when you visit this beautiful city! If you visit Youngtown, you can also visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google + and Instagram.

Visiting the National McKinley Birthplace Memorial is one of the most interesting and educational activities in Youngstown. For more information, read our article on the best things to do in Mill Creek Park. Check out more Youngtown Nation as we tell you how we had a lot of fun in Ytown!

The museum, owned and managed by the Ohio Historical Society, focuses on the history of steel production in the Mahoning Valley. The most important exhibit is the Brier Hill sheet metal tube mill, which was built and operated in Youngstown, as well as other steel mills in the area. One block away is the family's original hunting lodge, while other remarkable historic buildings include the Old Town Hall, Old Town Hall and Former Town Hall. Built for the enjoyment and entertainment of Youngtown residents, it houses a variety of historic buildings, from the city's first fire station to the first public library.

Other museums include a small museum that showcases the history of Youngstown's Mill Creek Park, as well as an exhibition about the city's history as a tourist destination.

The amphitheater in Wean Park is an impressive addition to the list of fun activities in Youngstown, Ohio. If you're looking for some action, visiting the Covelli Center is another thing on your Youngtown tour. If you're visiting Youngster, Ohio, check the online schedule to see if there's an outdoor live concert that interests you or your family.

This public, nonprofit auditorium has served the community of Youngstown for more than 100 years, dating back to 1926. This child - a focused attraction that encourages play for all purposes, as it celebrates its 100th anniversary in May.

Mill Creek Park, which has served Youngstown residents and hundreds of thousands of tourists since 1891, is located on wooded land and is just waiting to be discovered. Officially known as Mill Creek MetroParks, this city park is considered one of the most popular public parks in Ohio and the second largest in the country.

The Mahoning Valley Historical Society offers guided tours of these cemeteries scattered throughout the city, as well as a number of other historic sites in Youngstown.

If you love American history, the Butler Institute of American Arts is a must - visit it and it's right next to Youngstown State University. The lights of Huntington Bank Community Alley are one of the fun activities in Youngtown, as you can see the lights from the top floor of their building. If you're at Youngster State University and want to venture into Mahoning Valley or even further into Cleveland, it would be wise to put it at the top of your itinerary. Not only is it a fascinating museum, but you will also be shocked by the number of attractions this area has to offer, especially if you venture into the largest city in Mahone County and its most popular tourist destination.

The office is located next door to Mahone Valley Resort, a $250 million resort that offers a variety of amenities including a spa, golf course, restaurants, hotels and a fitness center.

There are many nearby cities that better match your lifestyle, but here our data shows that you are more likely to be closer to family, friends and a new job. Using Liviability Scores, which include factors such as income, education, employment, housing, health care, transportation, and other factors, you can determine the best place to live in Youngstown and compare it with other cities you are looking for. Whether you are moving to a new city in the hope of being closer to your family and friends or finding new jobs, living in Youngstown can be as positive an experience as we know from the place we were looking for. There are a number of places that are suitable for sports and excitement in the city, such as the Mahone Valley Resort, Mahon Valley Golf Course and Mahoning Valley University.

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