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Marietta is the oldest city in Ohio and has a long history of telling the story of its history, from its beginnings as a mining town to its current status as the largest city in the state of Ohio.

It is a popular accommodation for tourists and certainly has a number of guests of mind. Guests often report strange events in the hotel, including doors that open automatically or taps that are turned on and off. In 1983, when it was renovated, several construction workers reported seeing a ghostly figure in the lobby with a red hat on his head. There were also reports of a maid in a black dress walking down the hallways and through the hotels. Some guests were also spotted at night with their hands in their mouths, which is common in many Ohio hotels.

The first is the ghost of a young woman named Sarah, and the second is that of an Ohio Supreme Court judge named Charles R. Sherman, who died in the hotel in 1829. The story goes that Lady Green was in fact a hotel worker who was killed while building the hotel in the 1930s. Orrin Granger and Major Horton Buxton, who were both named after the inn, were seen at the property.

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