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For over six decades, we have succeeded in bringing people of all ages, interests and backgrounds together through the magic of music. Named after the original owner of Youngstown's first music store, John F. Young, Jr., we are a one-stop music store built for anyone interested in music regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

Whether you are a hard-working professional musician or are learning music for the first time, we are happy to be there for everyone who is interested in music. We are proud to serve the city of Youngstown and the Ohio area, as well as the rest of the country.

If you are interested in learning an instrument or writing music yourself, visit our private lessons. If you are a local musician who regularly performs in venues such as the Diletto Winery, you can rely on music & art here in town to prepare for your show.

When I was at Youngstown State, the Beeghly Center was the venue of choice for a number of big names. In the early 1970s, this place embodied the golden age of rock music and saw some of the biggest names in rock'n "roll, such as the Rolling Stones and the Grateful Dead. Eventually it became the State Theatre in the city centre and they performed for many years in the renovated cinema palace.

The band disbanded in 1985, but got back together a few years later and released the live album Living and Breathing in 1989. The State Theatre was reopened, the band toured throughout the country and played at the Beethoven Centre and other local venues. In recent years bands like Left End and Glass Harp have given reunion concerts and played all over the area. Another band that Joe Walsh formed as the James Gang joined the Eagles, and they have been playing in Youngstown since the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The Folklore Society of Washington, D.C. called them "obscenely talented," and the Folklore Society of Washington DC called them "oscillating talented" and "one of the best folk bands in the country."

The music draws from the urban and rural traditions of Eastern Europe, played on authentic folk instruments and styled after centuries of Eastern European gypsy bands. The musicians come from different Eastern European countries, but find a common musical language in Harmonia and bring along the smoky cafés that inspired composers such as Bartok, Brahms and Lizst to stage concerts. T.O.Nocne and Sove play a variety of Croatian, Serbian and Macedonian favourites, which include elements of folk, jazz, blues, rock, folk and classical music. They are led by self-proclaimed tamburitza musician and singer and songwriter J.R.S. O'Sove.

Ella Fitzgerald married while playing in a club on the city's West Side, and Madonna arrived with her boyfriend, who played in one of the Detroit bands playing there.

The driver, Mr Berick, admitted to having drunk several beers at a tavern on the corner of Falls and Glenwood. Primary Records was founded in Youngstown, Ohio, in the early 1950s with the help of a scholarship from the Ohio Department of Music.

The Left End will be honored at a concert at Youngstown State University Music Hall on Saturday, May 6, and Palombo said he was looking forward to the event. We will release music, hence the name, but we also do the work of sending in the lyrics. I will do all the songs and other demos we recorded.

The Wasko Stage features music by acclaimed folk ensemble Harmonia, and the McKeesport, PA-based Mikey Dee Band pays homage to Mahoning County's Mike Dee and his family. The festival will again feature a variety of local, regional and national bands as well as local and international artists.

This talented folk-artist ensemble is dedicated to the love of music, family, community, love and love of life. We are honored to welcome the Ukrainian dancers from the Youngstown Area to this year's festivities. They will be performing at the festival for the first time in years as part of their annual "Dance of Love" performance.

There are a lot of music venues in the city, but Gerchok and Steve Stahara, the venue's manager, are well connected to the rock music scene and have been able to access some of the best local and national rock bands of the late 70s and early 80s. The band was big in Youngstown in the 1970s, when Idora Park and Packard Music Hall regularly brought in national rock bands and clubs like the Youngstown Agora and Apartment packed fans with local or national talent, and the Ramones played their shows at Tomorrow Club. There are still many great local bands in the local scene, from what I can say, as well as some national acts. Editor's note: An earlier version of this story said the Ramones played their show at Tomorrow's Club, not them.

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