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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - Restaurants in Ohio can open their patios on weekends, so it would be good to see them before you do. Youngstown, Boardman and Ohio share a thriving dinner scene for gourmet diners and discerning foodies alike. Downtown Youngtown is the nightlife and entertainment mecca, with several restaurants and a once-bustling courtyard, but it also has some of the best craft beers and wines in the region.

Just last month, the former Beef Keg (formerly Mahoning County's first and only beef keg) closed and opened its doors as a casual counterpart to Beef and KEG.

The restaurant is about 7,500 square feet and features BJ's extensive menu, which includes award-winning handcrafted beers and a wide selection of specialties. Many of the items are homemade and quite delicious, such as the Iorda Park - French fries cut, fresh to order. The company's headquarters and main bakery are in Akron, which was founded by the Berkeley brothers and Irv Frumpkin. They have also partnered with local bakeries and restaurants in Cleveland, Cleveland Heights and Akron.

The boulevard has served popular Italian dishes and fish dishes in the former Catholic stronghold since 1937. One of the more popular dishes is Tressel tortellini, named after the late Ohio State University football coach and former president of Youngstown State. The pizza takes its name from the area that was once known as "Little Italy" in Youngtown.

The staff, owned and operated by a Neapolitan family, wear the same uniforms as in 1934, when the joint was first opened. His father ran the restaurant until Higbee's closed the shop in 1979 and 1986.

The Youngstown Men's Choir was founded in 1863, and the walls of the restaurant, museum and museum are filled with great Youngstown photos and memorabilia. Inside, the decor is best described as a mix of old and new, with a little of everything - from old furniture to vintage furniture.

The restaurant has two very popular foods that attract people from all over the valley - hot dogs and fried chicken. If you're looking for a creative hot dog experience, try downtown Youngstown, where nearly 50 different toppings are offered in a vintage chic setting. Also under construction is the Burger Bar of the Martini brothers, which offers handmade, award-winning hamburgers that are worth trying.

The V2 Wine Bar offers its guests a selection of Italian and American dishes, including a selection of wines from Italy, France, Germany, Spain and other countries. Hungry guests will enjoy hearty homemade dishes, including sherry wine marinara served on a rice bed.

Order a draft from the draft and enjoy ethnic comfort food with a selection of sandwiches, salads, soups, burgers, sandwiches and other dishes.

The Oaks is located on the East Side of downtown and looks from the outside as if it were owned by the Kennedy brothers. I only experienced Youngstown when I was in the Oaks, but I put this one at the top of my list. The restaurant and its owner, Can Dao, are located in the heart of the city and have been behaving themselves for years.

While Jay's is small and has wall decoration and remarkable locals, the Jib Jab in Warren has a more restaurant-like vibe. There are three popular eateries that opened shortly after World War II and have been the center of Youngstown's gourmet scene in recent decades.

For the real deal, however, you will need to get the cake, and for more information, contact Jib Jab Inc., the restaurant's owner, or contact their website for more information.

In a series of posts, we # discussed how Youngstown is a city of great and diverse food and how to eat well there if you're interested in getting a pizza on a Saturday night at Molly O'Dea's, which, contrary to its name, has a strong Italian menu and a great pizza. Read our guide to the top ten restaurants in the city and discover why Youngtown and Boardman have become Ohio's foodie hotspots. The Mural Room is one of the great restaurants, not only for the food, but also for the murals.

It is one of the few places in Youngstown that you can visit and still instantly feel like youngtown of yesteryear. It is not a winery, but owner Jared Bullen will use it and it has a wide selection of wines, as well as great food and excellent service. There are so many women who cook their own family - restaurants that are their own - that any restaurant that wants to stay in business has to do so, or better. I think part of me is begging for restaurant chains and big box stores to be the same everywhere.

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