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Retail stores in Ohio got the go-ahead to reopen Tuesday, but details of how local malls are preparing to reopen are hard to come by. The Eastwood Mall Complex in Youngstown and the Southern Park Mall owned by Washington Prime Group announced they could reopen in May, the first date allowed under Ohio's reopening plan. Both stores, along with several others in the area, are scheduled to open on Tuesdays for the first time this week.

On April 21, the New York Stock Exchange agreed with the Securities and Exchange Commission to extend the recovery period for companies like WPG, the company said in a news release. The Standard requires companies to hold at least 50 percent of their common shares for 30 consecutive trading days. Washington Prime's stock closed Tuesday at 72 cents a share, less than its last close on April 9, but up more than 40 percent since the start of the year, the Columbus Business Journal reported.

I want my store to be a place where people can come and stroll, have coffee and have fun, "Perkins said. I know the reasons they closed the mall, but man, it feels good to get out of the house and do some shopping, Marvel Ross shoppers said. If you don't know what you're looking for, he said, you can't find the answer and the relationship is over.

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Some major retailers will open the floors of their stores and there will be a shield for their employees at the checkout. The state guidance is actually addressed to the county's branch administration or health departments for customer complaints. Those who shop locally can get help from store owners to get a better understanding of what they can do if a customer has concerns.

Eastwood Mall spokesman Joe Bell said it was not mandatory for customers or visitors, but strongly proposed by the state. In a conversation with Mahoning Matters last week, Cafaro & Co. spokesman Bell said the state had not suggested that the mall operator would be involved in enforcing state safety guidelines, but that they would be open to understanding what their responsibility is when the retail goes online again on May 12.

Bell said the stores would have "many physical reminders and signs" to ensure the health and safety of customers. You'll see a lot of these physical reminders that encourage everyone to just use common sense, "Bell said. Perkins said shoppers want to see friendly faces, and they want to hear that when they enter the store.

Christy has many "little tricks" in her pocket to keep people in her store, such as sending mass text messages and emails. If you can find out, please donate, or organise a Women's Evening or get involved in one of their shops.

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As well as using Facebook to move customers, word of mouth is a big factor when people come to the store. Finding remarkable things, having fun at work, providing friendly service and building relationships with the people in the community is what buyers experience in Columbiana, "she said.

Christy said she is forging ties with downtown traders and business owners as a member of the Columbiana Chamber of Commerce. Local artisans work on everything from wax to steel, said co-owner Ginny Perkins. There are many reasons people choose to shop locally, but many customers find things they weren't looking for, Bowker said. She makes and sells floristry at Zinnbauer's Peddler, knows that she sells and finds things from local manufacturers.

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